Linear sizes

Linear sizes

Linear sizes measure in linear sizes in millimeters (mm), or inches (Inches) (see a photo. 107).


Fig. of 107 Linear sizes


Metric system of measures (mm) - a notation on the integer basis 100. A measures of length meter, decimeter, centimeter, millimeter. Meter of 1/1000 kilometers (km), decimeter of 1/10 meters (dm), centimeter of 1/100 meters (cm), millimeter of 1/1000 meters (mm). The whole size of length in one meter is equal 10 dm, 100 cm, 1000 mm.


Inch system of measures (Inches) - units of measurements of distance in some European not metric systems of measures. Usually equal 1/12 or 1/10 (« decimal inch ») foot of the corresponding country. Today as inch understand the English inch equal approximately of 2,54 cm, more precisely more often

2,540000508 cm and are more exact 10000/3937 see.