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Welcome to our site!Information and technical portal « Shod-Razval.Info »
         We are professionals and motorists will be glad to fruitful dialogue with You. The main direction of « Shod-Razval.Info » the exchange of information in any form that, one way or another, connected with inspection, adjustment, the angles of the wheels, the level of suspension " wheels alignment " and repair of motor vehicles. Consultation on the measurement results, conclusions and expert assessment performed adjustments, as well as the solution of the problems with the repair of the car after the ACCIDENT. Our objective is to combine the knowledge and experience of the specialists, opinion and observation of motorists. Explain motorists and young professionals about the problems that may arise in the cars. At the Forum are created sections and subsections in order for You to read, create different themes, to share their opinions and experience. Ask questions and to receive the qualified answer.The domain was registered 17.11.2009г.Site " Shod-Razval.Info " is constantly updated.To communicate with us You can visit our ForumWith respect administration « Shod-Razval.Info »